Preparing to Travel to ProDanza

Preparing to Travel to ProDanza

Anne Sullivan, native New Zealander and American citizen for the last two years, has kindly agreed to make ballet skirts for us to take to Havana to use for a photo op with the ballet students there. Being the good sport that she is, I was able to coax her out to her backyard to do some posing for me so that you can see what we will be taking. The skirt that she models will be what we use for the older female students, and she is making pink skirts for the little girls. A lot of work is going into this, but it will be worth it when we get to see the girls posing with the antique American cars that are all over Havana!

Anne and Chickpea
Sitting on the steps

Chickpea, my little rescue Havanese from Kuwait, enjoyed watching the antics, and posed with Anne on her steps. He enjoyed having a tulle scarf around his neck (see the smile).

Anne at the Barre
Subaru Forester make a great barre

Anne demonstrates how a car makes a great barre!  In Havana we will be using a pink 59 Chevy Convertible or something similar!


Pink Convertible
Havana, Cuba

Wouldn’t this car look terrific surrounded with ballet students?


Feel free to donate as little as you want! All will be appreciated! We can purchase a pair of ballet slippers for as little as $20!

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