The travelers are all busy packing their bags for tomorrow’s flight to Miami. We will all meet up at the Crowne Plaza Miami Airport Hotel and then have dinner at the Catch of the Day, our traditional dinner spot the night before the flight to Havana.

The photo above was taken at the ProDanza Ballet Academy in November, 2015 during our first visit as Team ProDanza.

Going to Cuba differs from most trips in that everything has to be paid in cash, and there is no place to buy anything that one might inadvertently forgotten.  This causes a slight degree of anxiety, and makes one tend to overpack.  We are also taking some things for our trusty guides Cecily, Nestor and Alain.  Francesca has some costumes for little ones that were donated by Lynn Welters of the New School of Dance in DC.  I have a whole suitcase filled with ballet shoes, leotards, tights, etc.

Saying goodbye to my Chickpea, the dancing dog!



Feel free to donate as little as you want! All will be appreciated! We can purchase a pair of ballet slippers for as little as $20! Planning to go back with more get in the next year!

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