Introducing the Kiwis!

Anne and Ken  Sullivan are my next door neighbors, and not only are they smart and fun, but they have been my saviors many times!  Ken, when he is in the country, is my tech support, the guy who gets into the outdoor sump pump in the middle of a torrential downpour and a great bartender on his deck (pronounced like Dick with a New Zealand accent).

Anne is a gardener extraordinaire and makes the best jams and chutneys. It was Anne that I went to when I needed some ballet skirts to take to ProDanza for a photo shoot. Little did I know what a fantastic job she would do.

Last week Ken’s sister Lynette arrived from Auckland, New Zealand and dove right in to help with the ballet skirts!  I have never seen such enthusiasm – she was even talking about starting a cottage industry. Sounds great to me, but not so much to Anne.

Charley's Aunt and assistants
A little silliness to start

They are such great sports that they came out to the yard for a few photographs, and Ken joined in to help toss the scarves, which as you will see, didn’t turn out exactly as we expected.  Ken, being an ingenious sort of fellow, came up with an idea involving a chair and a rake.


It seemed promising, but…


This is the best that we could do! Hopefully, things will be smoother in Havana!

Tutus and ribbons
Photo shoot 


Even though we leave on Tuesday, if more funds come in we will be able to purchase a ceiling fan or two while in Havana! No air conditioning at the Academy!

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