I just paid a quick visit to our busy sweat shop, where my two highly-paid (pre $15 minimum wage) workers, Anne and Lynette, were hard at work making ballet skirts for our photo shoot at ProDanza Ballet Academy in two weeks. They are sisters-in-law, good friends and they had me in stitches (really!) with their lively badinage. Obviously, they have known each other for many years and are very good at teasing each other in a gentle way. Two sizes are being made, both adjustable. The blue will be for the older girls, and the pink for the little ones.

We are also experimenting with long scarves for the kids to throw in the air during the photo session. The tulle seems a bit too light in weight. Lynette attached a small pair of scissors to the end of one, and then, for some reason it was too heavy, not to mention a little too dangerous. Back to the drawing board on that one! Suggestions for a material in the comments would be most appreciated!

The photo is of the ladies showing some of their handiwork! Lynette is on the left, and just arrived from New Zealand two days ago. Where is her jet lag? I saw no sign of it.  They are going to be fun traveling companions!



Anne and Lynette are praying that there will be some donations as a result of your seeing their incredible dedication to the project! PayPal is very secure!

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3 thoughts on “The Sweat Shop!

  1. So excited for you! This trip sounds extra special, Kath! Looking forward to seeing the beautiful photos you return with. Sending lots of love!

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  2. I tried to leave a reply here yesterday, but it didn’t seem to take. I’m Re-replying! ;-). I am super excited about this, and my heart goes with you, my prayers surround you. I love you!

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